Kaiho Yu

Kaiho Yu is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna, and the co-founder of Direct Tomorrow Lab (Dtl), a research incubator based in Vienna. From 2020, he started to co-curate the Sliver Lecture Series at the Institute of Architecture. Previously he has taught at UCLA and SCI-Arc. He holds a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc.

Kaiho’s research and practice focus on the realm of new media, digital simulation, and robotic technologies. He is on the advisory board of UCL’s Perspectives Journal and also serves the academic committee of DigitalFUTURES Association. He has been in collaboration with Testa & Weiser, SCI-Arc Robot House, UCLA cityLABAmalia Ulman, HeXagōn, and Gallerie Falena. He has been invited for lectures at HOK, CallisonRTKL, and The Bartlett School of Architecture. Kaiho has worked in collaborative and independent installation works that have been exhibited in venues including Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Chicago Architecture Biennale, and Studio-X Beijing.

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Joyn Table Chasing (Study for Homage to Urs Fischer), Winter 2020
View more on Vimeo

Future Shanshui City: Towards a Natural Artificiality, Summer 2020
In collaboration with Sasha Tillmann, Karim Saleh, Arsenios Zachariadis, project assisanted by Joy Ma
Dwelling in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition, Creative Future Shanshui City Proposal Awards

Shanjiao Island Cliff Hotel Concept Design, Spring 2020
Invited Competition for Zhuhai Jiuzhouhaiyang Holding Group

Amazing Roofs, Spring 2019
Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC competition, In collaboration with HansonLA

Watcher >< Watched, Winter 2019
In collaboration with Yang Yang and Dana Cuff
Commissioned by Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture

Longhu Financial Center High-rise and Cultural Building Concept Design, Spring 2018
Invited Competition, work in collaboration with MADA s.p.a.m.

Spam Batman Duck, Spring 2018
In collaboration with Arsenios Zachariadis, proposal for Milan Design Week

Verymanything (VR Installation), Winter 2017
In collaboration with Arsenios Zachariadis
Commissioned by Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture

Three’s Company, Fall 2017
In collaboration with Aaron Choi, view more on Vimeo

What the Fug, Summer 2017
In collaboration with Aaron Choi, view more on Vimeo

Superobject, Winter 2016
In collaboration with Aaron Choi

Stacking Bricks, Spring 2017

Play the Parts, Spring 2017
In collaboration with Aaron Choi and Connor Covey, view more on Vimeo

Fish, 2015
Featured on Underscore Journal Vo.2